Magic Throne of Eldraine Booster Box

Magic Throne of Eldraine Booster Box

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Factory Sealed Magic Throne of Eldraine Booster Box

Contains 36 Factory Sealed Throne of Eldraine Booster Packs with 15 cards in each pack!

• Expand your collection. With 36 throne of eldraine booster packs, each with 15 magic cards, The possibilities are nearly endless. Choose your favorite cards, PA your deck, and battle!

• These fairy tales fight back. Throne of eldraine spins grimm’s fairy tales and Arthurian legend as only Magic: The Gathering (Mtg) can. Create your own story as you battle your way to victory with your favorite fabled creatures!

• Devise your strategy. Plan your attack, develop new tactics, and adapt your plans on the fly As you battle your way to victory.

• Join the community. Magic: The Gathering (Mtg) fans have come together for decades to share their love of the game. Become a part of one of the largest gaming communities in the world.

• Play the game that started it all. The original strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering (Mtg) has inspired more than 20 million fans over 25 years.