MTG Regional Championship Qualifier Entry Fee - Hixson, TN

MTG Regional Championship Qualifier Entry Fee - Hixson, TN

  • $25.00
    Unit price per 

Saturday, September 10th at 12pm

Entry Fee: $25
Players will receive 1 Lava Spike Promo with entry, while supplies last

Format: Modern
Swiss rounds based on attendance, plus Top 8

Decklists will be required.
Decklists of top players will be shared publicly unless otherwise specified prior to the tournament.

Prize Support:
•1st Place: 1 Foil Nykthos Promo, an Invitation to Dreamhack Magic Atlanta Showdown, and 1 Dreamhack Atlanta 2022 Badge
•2nd - 8th Place: 1 Non-Foil Nykthos Promo each

Additional Prize Support Based on Attendance:
1 Box added to the Prize Pool per 4 players!

Ex. w/ 16 Players:
1st & 2nd Place: 1 Box each
3rd & 4th Place: 1/2 Box each
5th - 8th Place: 9 Packs each

Ex. w/ 32 Players:
Top 8: 1 Box each

48 Players maximum

Pre-registration for this event ends at midnight on September 9th

This event will be held at the CM Games at the Northgate Mall in Chattanooga, TN
(205 Northgate Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Only 47 left!

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