$800 Warhammer 40k 2,000 point 2-Day Tournament Entry Fee

$800 Warhammer 40k 2,000 point 2-Day Tournament Entry Fee

  • $30.00
    Unit price per 

February 19th-20th, 2022

- Saturday, February 19th
Round 1 11:00-1:30
Lunch 1:30-2:30
Round 2 2:30-5:00
Round 3 5:10-7:40
- Sunday, February 20th
Round 4 12:00-2:30
Round 5 2:40-5:10

$30 Entry Fee
5 Rounds - 2hr30mins per round with a hard stop at the designated time

Paint will not be required, but GW paint score will be used.
Lists are to be 2000 points and battle forged.

Prize Support:
1st Place: $250
2nd Place: $150
3rd & 4th Place: $100 each
5th - 8th Place: $50 each

Best Painted Army (as decided by players): $50

Prize support is given in store credit.

All Codices and FAQs released before February 14th will be legal for this event. Any rule sets updated after that will not be.

Once you have pre-registered, email CardMonsterGames@gmail.com with your full name, army, and list by February 11th to be entered into the event.
Any player who submits a list after that will get a yellow card and 20 victory point reductions for the infraction. No list will be accepted after Feb 18th . If a player does not submit a list for the event, the player will be removed from the roster and the event.

ITC players code of conduct will be enforced. 

Fully printed models will not be allowed. Conversions with 3rd party bits are allowed.
If a model is more than 50% printed it will not be allowed.
Conversions that could confuse a player or a player can’t easily recognize need to be approved by the TO prior to the event.

Preregistration is not required but there is a limit of 28 people in the event.
A waiting list will be created to offer potential spots to anyone who missed the preregistration if the event caps prior to the day of the event.

Terrain Rules:
Set up:
Players roll off, winner of that roll chooses Attacker or Defender. Defender then chooses a battlefield edge (deployment zone), selects one of the 2 piles of terrain, and places the first piece.
Terrain Placement:
Starting with Defender, players alternate placing pieces of terrain from their respective piles until there is nothing left to place. Each piece of terrain needs to be at least 4 inches away from another piece of terrain, the table edge, and not on the 40mm objective markers. Players cannot place a piece of terrain within the 41mm of an objective marker. When placing terrain, players divide the table in half from the center and can only place pieces from their pile on their half of the board. Long table edge to the 22in mark of a short table edge is a player’s defined half of the table.
Terrain Pool Contents:
1 Large L: key words breach-able and obscuring
1 Small Forest: key words dense cover, difficult terrain
1 Small Crater: key words difficult terrain, light-cover
1 Large Ruin: key words obscuring, light-cover, and breach-able
1 Medium Ruin: keywords obscuring, light-cover, and Breach-able
Notes: obscuring is measured from the wall, cover from the base

Pre-registration for this event ends at midnight on February 18th

This event will be held at the CM Games Cedar Bluff Super Center in Knoxville, Tennessee

Only 27 left!

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