Warhammer Monthly 2,000 Point Tournament - July

Warhammer Monthly 2,000 Point Tournament - July

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Saturday, July 20th, 2024
This event will be an ITC event.

Pre-register for this event on BCP at https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/event/NP138C0D0W

Round 1 10:00-1:00
Round 2 1:10-4:10
Dinner 4:10-5:10
Round 3 5:20-8:20

Entry Fee: $30
3 Rounds 3 hours with a hard stop at the designated time. We will be using all Indexes and FAQs that are live for 10th Edition. Any rule sets updated after July 13th will not be used.

Prize Payouts will be based on attendance. All entry fees collected will go out as store credit!

We will also be offering $40 Store Credit door prizes to players that do not place in the event. The number of door prizes will be determined by attendance.

Example of Prize Payouts:
If 20 players sign up, prize payout will be (in store credit):
1st - $120
2nd - $100
3rd/4th - $60
5th/6th - $50
Number of Door Prizes: 4

Official Prize Payouts will be posted during round 1!

Cap for the event will be 20 players.

ITC player code of conduct will be enforced.

Prize support is based on attendance and will be paid out to the top 4 after Round 3 of the events.
Paint will not be required but GW paint score will be used. Lists are to be 2000 points and battle forged.

Fully printed models will not be allowed. Conversions with 3rd party bits are allowed. If a model is more than 50% printed it will not be allowed. Conversions that could confuse a player or a player can’t easily recognize need to be approved by the TO prior to the event.

Preregistration is not required but there is a limit of 20 people in the event. A waiting list will be created to offer a spot to anyone who missed the preregistration if the event caps prior to the day of the event.

Terrain Rules:
We will be using GW Terrain Layouts for all rounds of the event. Terrain features will be ruins for the purpose of rules. These rules can be found on page 48 of the core rule book.

20 Player maximum

Pre-registration for this event ends at midnight on July 19th

This event will be held at the CM Games at the Cedar Bluff Super Center in Knoxville, TN
(9119a Executive Park Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee)

Click here for our Tournament Entry Refund Policy.


Only 20 left!

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