Magic the Gathering, Secret Lair: Secret Lair x Jurassic World: Life Breaks Free

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:::ALERT::: :::ALERT::: :::ALERT:::
Gigantic reptilian clones have broken free of their enclosures and are now roaming Secret Lair. They are big, they are hungry, and they are famous for their appearances in the Jurassic World franchise. Be on the lookout for eye-popping art, movie-inspired frames, and foot-long teeth. Please do not feed the animals—even the herbivores will follow you home.

1x Etali, Primal Storm as “Tyrannosaurus Rex”
1x Rampaging Ferocidon as “Velociraptor”
1x Polyraptor as “Indominus Rex”
1x Wayward Swordtooth as “Triceratops”
1x Regisaur Alpha as “Spinosaurus”

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