Magic The Gathering, Secret Lair: Dan Frazier Is Back: The Allied Signets

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You can’t spell “classic Magic art” without “Dan Frazier.” Ok, you caught us. You can. But metaphorically, you absolutely cannot. The man is a bastion of old school art, having illustrated the original moxen and countless more. So when we decided we wanted to celebrate Modern Horizons 2 with some Old Frame cards, we knew exactly who to call. Dan went above and beyond, illustrating the allied signets as if the guilds were conceived almost 30 years ago. Some parts will look familiar. Others will not. Only one thing is for sure: Dan Frazier is back with a vengeance.  

1x Old Frame Azorius Signet 
1x Old Frame Dimir Signet 
1x Old Frame Gruul Signet 
1x Old Frame Rakdos Signet 
1x Old Frame Selesnya Signet 

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