Magic The Gathering, Secret Lair: Fblthp: Completely, Utterly, Totally Lost

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Have you seen our boy? He’s about two feet tall (maybe three depending on artist’s rendition); has one big, watery eye; answers to a name that sounds like someone blowing a raspberry? We hate the thought of him wandering the streets of Ravnica alone. Can you please take a look? We think he’s hidden somewhere in this Secret Lair drop…  

Yes, that’s right. It’s a five-card, Borderless panorama by Marija Tiurina, and it’s jam-packed with hidden Magic and Ravnica references. Please, can you find Fblthp on every card?

1x Borderless Path to Exile 
1x Borderless Well of Lost Dreams 
1x Borderless Frantic Search 
1x Borderless Intruder Alarm 
1x Borderless Shelldock Isle 

Only 3 left!

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