Magic The Gathering, Secret Lair: Monster Anatomy 101

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Ever wonder what some of Magic’s weirdest creatures look like on the inside? Us neither, but Timba Smits showed us the truth: they look pretty sweet! Consider these cards your intro lesson on the inner workings of some ravenous beasties. The alternative is to let a giant dino eat you, and that presents more logistical errors than we can address in a simple product description. Whether you surgically implant these cards inside your deck or proudly display them to educate passersby, you can rest soundly knowing you’ve shared knowledge with the world. And that, friend, is a beautiful thing. 

1x Borderless Fleet Swallower 
1x Borderless Goblin Trashmaster  
1x Borderless Ilharg, the Raze-Boar  
1x Borderless Protean Hulk  
1x Borderless Gishath, Sun’s Avatar

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