Magic The Gathering, Secret Lair: Pride Across the Multiverse

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Pride Across the Multiverse is a celebration of the LGBTQIA2+ community’s relentless creativity. The cards in this drop draw from many diverse experiences, and it is our hope that people find some part of their own unique selves reflected in these cards. 

Each card was illustrated by an LGBTQIA2+ artist, bringing their own unique creative styles and lived experiences. Merlin G.G’s Triumphant Reckoning honors the community’s hard-fought victories and the battles that are still to come. Kieran Yanner invites us to all celebrate Ral and Tomik’s wedding in Savor the Moment. Winona Nelson depicts Alesha, Who Smiles at Death in her older years, guiding the next generation. Ricardo Bessa imagines Magic’s own Pride Parade on Collective Voyage, and the idyllic refuge of Bearscape. Peo Michie shows us a quiet, romantic moment as Saheeli and Huatli take their “dogs” for a walk in Heartbeat of Spring. Lauren YS’s Sol Ring brings together a diverse collection of objects symbolizing many facets of the community. And Jabari Weathers illustrates Mana Confluence, celebrating our combined diversity and experience as we create a new and brighter future together. 

1x Borderless Alesha, Who Smiles at Death 
1x Borderless Bearscape 
1x Borderless Collective Voyage 
1x Borderless Heartbeat of Spring 
1x Borderless Mana Confluence 
1x Borderless Savor the Moment 
1x Borderless Sol Ring 
1x Borderless Triumphant Reckoning

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